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“Thank you for three fantastic days! I have learnt so much. Libby and Tam are amazing, really great teachers. Looking forward to coming back. Thanks so much.”
Emma Alexander

“Really enjoyed the whole three days.Very rewarding. Would recommend to anyone.”
Allan Emery

“Thanks so much for a fantastic day! I have enjoyed my day hugely and cant believe how much I have learnt in a day. Chair Looks Fab, I will be back!”
Alex Ottewill

“Had no pre-conceived ideas of the course but I have leant a whole new craft! Loved it. Loved the food. Really enjoyed it all. I am completely knackered now!! Can recommend Libby and Tam's professional work too as they have made some great cushions for us too.”
Janet Hillier

“Hi Libby, thank you for such a fantastic couple of days this week. I feel so proud of my footstool I created but would also would like to thank you and Tam for the support, information, instruction and well being you two provided during the 2 day course. As a pair, you two, have a very unique place, where you embrace and welcome clients into. I hope to return to learn more techniques, if I find paid work, but have already shared my experience and thoughts with friends, who hopefully might book on a course with you.”
Sally Rix

“Libby, what a fantastic weekend I had and to come away with something that I’m absolutely thrilled with was a real bonus. You looked after us beautifully and all the food you put on your table was delicious, i’m still looking for the recipe of Jamie Oliver’s dal ! My Journey home was much better, so thanks for that. Your ears will be burning for a few days yet, as I sing your praises. If i’m ever up your way again I will look you up. Thanks again.”
Nicola Yetts

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a really wonderful upholstery weekend it was really lovely to be able to use both hands and brain and to come away with a working useful piece of furniture , you are a great teacher. I really enjoyed the weekend.”
Frances Betts